Bad Medicine by KD Robichaux and CC Monroe

Lethal DeLuca
That’s what they call me in the underground world.
During the day, I parade around as a man who saves lives,
secretly taking them in the dead of night.
I was hired to end her.
Hired to rid the threat she caused to The Ruin.
Little did I know the only threat she caused was to me.
I want her.

You can fall in the love with The Ruin, but you won’t survive it.
I was young, charmed by the monster who was my husband.
But things soon turned dangerous inside my home,
and I was made to be the enemy for his cowardice.
I wanted to run, but he ensured I couldn’t escape the world he ran.
Instead, he wants to end me.
Take my breath from my body.
Only problem—I didn’t know when the enemy was coming.
Then he took me.


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